Happy Holidays to you and your family with time to relax and appreciate the truly important things in life – as well as many great new ideas for the year to come!


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Anneliese Brost Musikforum Bochum

Music for everybody

After a planning and construction period of four years only, the Musikforum Ruhr was completed. The aim was to build a new home for the Bochum Symphony Orchestra with a concert hall seating almost 1,000, and to increase the performance space for Bochum's music school. The center of the building is the former church which connects both halls and can also be used as a separate venue.

Müller-BBM not only contributed to creating the perfectly natural acoustics but also planned the audio and video technology and designed the entire building envelope so as to meet a high energy efficiency standard.

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Futurium Berlin

The future at the Spree river

The sculptural complex with its rooftop skywalk will be a place for visitors to meet, exchange ideas and also take a look at the world of tomorrow. Located on the banks of the Spree river in Berlin, in close vicinity to the government district, the innovative design by the architects Richter and Musikowski is based on a concept of sustainability both regarding usage and energy.

For optimizing the building's energy efficiency, Müller-BBM used the so-called Whole Building Simulation, a most innovative as well as leading-edge planning tool.

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Surface Drone

Our new measuring system surface drone is a small, self-propelled drone that collects road surface texture data in real time.

Thus, surface drone allows accompanying measurements for a direct quality control during road pavement installation and for the monitoring of existing layers. By determining both the macrotexture and the megatexture of the road surface, it is possible to overlook characteristic data such as noise reduction, grip and evenness.

Why develop such a system? It is just based on our many years of practical experience with measurements and our know-how in the acoustical evaluation of road surfaces.

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Student workshop »Reinhören (Come have a listen) 2017«

Acoustic experts of tomorrow

With the two-day workshop »Reinhören – Come have a listen« we wish to address students of engineering and natural sciences who are already familiar with the basics of technical acoustics – ideally students who can imagine to take up a professional career in this specialist field. Within the workshop, we strive to communicate the tasks and challenges a consulting engineer is facing in his job life. There are not only real project engineers reporting on real projects, but also team-based case studies and “hands-on” measuring exercises.

This year, again, we can certainly say that it was great fun for us!

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4 Primary schools (4GS) in Munich

Individual acoustics for the "house of learning" concept

Within the City of Munich's initiative "construction of schools and daycare centers 2020", four new primary schools were built as modular constructions and in accordance with the so-called "house of learning" approach which involved specific acoustic measures. At the same time, there were synergy effects with the building acoustics design and the summer climate control concept.

In close collaboration with the architects, Müller-BBM developed for the 4GS project specific ceiling area sound absorbers which meet the specific requirements and correspond to the selected prefabricated construction method.

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NOVE Arnulfpark in Munich

Modern work environments in a fascinating office complex

The building designed by the Milan-based firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel & Partners accommodates 1,300 office workplaces in a modern design, a spacious conference area as well as exclusive food courts.

The NOVE was designed as a Green Building. It meets both sustainability and energy efficiency specifications which even exceed the current legal requirements, and with its Italian-style elegance, it also fulfills the highest design standards. This is due to the building's circulation areas resembling a hotel lobby as well as to the facade elements with their gold bronze frames, among other elements.

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Industrial flare systems

Industrial flare systems help to ensure controlled combustion for large mass flows of flammable gases, generated e.g. during the start-up or shut-down of petrochemical plants.

Here, a lot of thermal energy is released (the combustion performance of very large systems may exceed 60 GW). Therefore, flaring takes place in the open and the noise coming along with it is of relevance for noise pollution control. To predict the sound emissions, Müller-BBM uses in-house tools to calculate the complex mechanisms of sound generation.

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New building for Müller-BBM’s site in Gelsenkirchen

Speedy construction progress in Gelsenkirchen where a new building for the Müller-BBM GmbH is being constructed under the responsibility of the Müller-BBM Holding AG: construction work started in May 2017 and the topping-out ceremony was held as early as November.

In the near future, the new building located in the commercial area “Nordsternpark” will not only house the engineering company Müller-BBM but also three more companies of the Müller-BBM Group. Apart from workspace for 120 employees, the building will feature a spacious technical center and test benches.

The completion of the building is planned for the third quarter of 2018.

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Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

100,000 times closer

Müller-BBM’s environment division uses state-of-the-art scanning electron microscopes (SEM) in its accredited testing laboratories.

This way, a microscopic magnification of up to 100,000-fold can be achieved with the SEM. Even smallest structures can be made visible with this magnification, in contrast to the 1,000-fold magnification of an optical microscope. Consequently, there is a wide range of applications for fiber analysis and surface analysis (asbestos, artificial mineral fibers), for microbiology (germs, spores) as well as for material testing.

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Lünen Power Station

A power station for 1.6 million households

It is Europe’s most efficient and modern coal-fired power station. The energy supplied by its operator, Trianel GmbH, to more than 1.6 m households amounts to approx. 750 megawatts. In the construction phase for the Lünen power station, Müller-BBM was responsible for the examination of noise and air pollution with regard to the initial level of pollution and the approval requirements and for a detailed acoustic planning of the actual technical installations. Designing concepts for avoiding hazardous incidents, conducting construction supervision as required by the authorities as well as acceptance tests complemented the comprehensive range of services rendered.